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We could grant facultative support in policies of General Third Party Liability, Products Third Party Liability, Environmental Pollution, Professional Third Party Liability and even Directors & Officers (D&O).

We do not currently underwrite these types of risks.

No. Theft and assault coverage must be offered in conjunction with Property Damage (Fire) policy.

They are not protected. The aforementioned risks are excluded both in facultative and treaties by the following clauses:

Exclusion of Infectious / Contagious Diseases

Without prejudice to any provision in this contract, including any exclusions, extensions, or other provisions included that may otherwise override a general exclusion, all resulting loss, damage, and business interruption and /or contingent business interruption, and costs in connection with or arising directly or indirectly from infectious and / or contagious diseases, including any contamination / any decontamination / any disinfection, and or any act of a legally established authority in relation to closures, restriction or prevention of access, in the handling of the above is excluded.

 Pandemic and epidemic exclusion clause

This agreement will not cover any direct or indirect loss arising out of, contributing to, or resulting from any pandemic or epidemic. For the purpose of this clause pandemic and epidemic shall mean any disease that has been declared as such by the world health organization or any governmental authority. This exclusion will be valid from the moment in which said declaration was made. If the reinsurers claim that, due to this exclusion, any losses are not covered by this agreement, the burden of proving otherwise will be borne by the insurer / reinsured. In the event that any part of this endorsement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder will remain in full force and in full effect.

  • Notice of the loss
  • Adjuster’s preliminary report
  • Final adjuster report
  • Receipt of compensation or settlement certificate signed by the insured
  • Debit note
  • Invoice for adjuster expenses

The commercial code SECTION IV OF THE CLAIM Art. 729 indicates:

The actions derived from the insurance contract, prescribe in three (3) years, counted from the event that gave rise to them, unless the beneficiary or insured demonstrates not having had knowledge of the fact or that they have been prevented from exercising their rights, case in which the term will be counted from the time it became known, or will be suspended while the impediment persisted, respectively, but in no case will it exceed five years from the occurrence of the loss.

It is not possible because Fire policies have a requirement that “physical damage (direct)” must be produced to activate business interruption coverage (loss of profit).

They are not protected. The aforementioned risks are excluded in our facultative and treaties underwriting.

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