Contractors All Risk (CAR)

CAPACITY USD 20,000,000

Placement requirements:

  • Insured name
  • RUC or identification number
  • Insured amount
  • Designation of the construction Project (if the Project consists of several sections, indicate the section (s) to be secured)
  • Contractor’s complete information
  • Description of the work to be insured (exact technical details)
  • Risk location
  • Construction schedule
  • Soil study
  • Additional coverages, endorsements, clauses, and protections
  • Required rate and deductibles
  • Exclusions
  • Contract period
  • Insurance validity (construction and maintenance period)
  • Contractor accident rate, minimum of three years
  • Contractor All Risk Form, signed by the insured
  • Inspection report if the work has started
  • Facultative support required
  • Indicate if there are co-insurers
  • Commission